Patsy's Beach Place at Cape San Blas, Florida

A pet friendly by-owner vacation rental with Gulf view, pool, tennis and more

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About Cape San Blas

  • White beach
  • Clear green water ...just absolutely beautiful...
  • Fine white sand on a wide beach backed by 50 foot high dunes.
  • Warm, clear water whose visibility runs 30 feet deep
  • See the dolphins swim around you!




Lighthouse at Cape San Blas - Patsy's Beach Place

Located on a small peninsula of land extending out in the Gulf, the Cape San Blas Lighthouse has had a rough history! Since being built in 1848, the lighthouse has endured many battle with the hurricanes in the Gulf. The existing structure is the fifth to be built on Cape San Blas over the years. The other lighthouses were either destroyed by storms or by shoreline erosion. Twice the lighthouse had to be moved as the erosion was so severe. During the Civil War, the lighthouse came under attack from a new source as in 1861, Confederate troops destroyed the keeper's dwellings and inflicted serious damage on the lighthouse itself, extinguishing the light for two years. It was soon repaired and the light was lit once again in July 1865 and is still a symbol of a guiding force for all mariners passing the lighthouse. And it reminds the mariners of a time when the beam of light cutting through the darkness that aided other seamen in the past. Some locals go to the lighthouse to catch fish as the grounds are accessible for fishing and visitation although visitors cannot climb the lighthouse structure or enter the building at this time.